Seven Sirius Benjamin Life Summary | Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, and More

Seven Sirius Benjamin

Seven Sirius Benjamin is the name of Erykah Badu and André 3000’s child. Seven is thriving on his own and occasionally generates a lot of curiosity among those who follow his parents. He has an uncanny likeness to his father and is doing well for himself. In addition to occasionally playing music, he attends college.

Despite the short duration of their relationship, Badu and 3000 have remained close friends and developed a solid co-parenting bond to provide their child Seven with a nurturing atmosphere. Before their separation in the late 1990s, Seven Sirius Benjamin’s biological parents, who are in the same fraternity, dated for roughly four years.

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Seven Sirius Benjamin Early Life

Born on November 18, 1997, in Texas to Badu, a well-known singer and actress, and Andree, a well-known songwriter, hip-hop artist, rapper, vocalist, and producer. His parents also work in the same field and have released numerous C.D.s. Seven Sharon, Sirius Benjamin’s grandmother, was a single woman who worked in real estate.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Early Life

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s grandfather worked as an agent. In 2013 and 2014, Seven of Sirius Benjamin’s parents passed away. Although Sirius is an only kid, he has two stepbrothers, Puma and Mars. Texas was Seven’s home state. His mother, who disclosed his educational background, claimed that he majored in botany while in college.

Moreover, Seven Sirius Benjamin is an American citizen via naturalisation; he was raised in Dallas, Texas. Although his academic history is uncertain, it is assumed that he attended high school in Dallas, Texas. Seven According to Seven’s mother’s Instagram post, Benjamin Jr. attends a college where Benjamin is studying botany.

Seven Parents of Sirius

The parents of Sirius are seven. His parents are André Lauren Benjamin (Andre 3000) and Erica Abi Wright (Erykah Badu). He is the only child from the couple’s previous union. In 1999, when Sirius was over a year old, his parents divorced him.

Andre 3000’s identity

American rapper Andre Lauren Benjamin is a member of the hip-hop group OutKast. His stage name is Andre 3000, and he and fellow rapper Antwan “Big Boi” Patton established the group OutKast.

Who is Erykah Badu?

An American singer-songwriter named Erica Abi Wright is also called the Queen of Neo-Soul. She received triple platinum certification for her album Baduizm from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). She was in a relationship with rapper Andre 3000 from 1995 to 1999. Their only child was seven.

Since her split from Andre, Erykah has been in several relationships. She dated Texas rapper The D.O.C., with whom she had a child. The baby’s name is Puma Sabti Curry, and they were born on July 5, 2004.

In addition, Badu dated rapper Jay Electronica, with whom she had a child. On February 1, 2009, Erykah gave birth to her third child, Mars Merkaba.

How many children does Erykah Badu have?

Seven Sirius Benjamin, Puma Sabti Curry, and Mars Merkaba are her three children; she has a male and two girls. The two girls come from different unions.

Seven Sirius Appearance 

Seven Seventh place goes to Sirius Seven, a replica of his father. On the other hand, he keeps out of sight and shies away from the spotlight. His mother’s Instagram post featured a video of him. The video features Sirius.

In the video, Seven Sirius Benjamin can be seen riding in the car with his mother and listening to Lil Yachty. According to the video, Erykah Badu and her child seem to get along well.

Social Media of Seven Sirius Benjamin

The young man has few images online and is not active on social media platforms. Despite being the star son, he comes out as a reserved individual who dislikes the spotlight. But, as per Seven, Sirius Benjamin’s social media seems cool.

Personal Seven Life Information on Sirius’s training, occupation, and relationships are not publicly available. Therefore, it’s unclear if he’s dating or engaged right now.

Is Seven Sirius dating anyone?

The young man can only answer that question, but as far as we know, Seven Sirius Benjamin seems unmarried. Perhaps in the future, he will provide more information about himself.

Net Worth of Seven Sirius

Seven’s estimated net worth is unknown exactly. On the other hand, his parents are well-known musicians who have built successful careers. So what is Andre Benjamin worth? Andre 3000 is worth $35 million, while Erykah, the mother of Seven, is worth $10 million.

Seven Sirius Benjamin is a shy person who stays out of the limelight. His parents, revered as legends, dominated the music industry in the 1990s. Despite this, Benjamin Jr. has decided to keep a low profile and live alone.

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What Is Benjamin Seven Sirius Doing Right Now?

Contrary to his well-known mother, Seven Sirius Benjamin wants to stay out of the spotlight.

In addition, he doesn’t use any social media outlets very frequently. However, he periodically pop up on his mother’s social media profiles.

The Last Say: 

We all know how elusive Seven Sirius Benjamin is, but we hope this blog-style biography will help you learn more about him. In addition, we hope that this blog will provide some useful and fascinating information about him.


Q: What is Seven Sirius Benjamin’s age?

A: Seven Sirius Benjamin’s age is 24

Q: Has Andre 3000 ever had a kid?

A: Benjamin and singer Erykah Badu had a kid named Seven Sirius Benjamin while they were together from 1996 to 1999. (Born November 18, 1997).

Q: What is Andre Benjamin’s age?

A: 47 years

Q: Is Erykah Badu Ms Jackson’s subject?

A: The song, which first debuted on Stankonia in 2000, was motivated by the dissolution of André 3000’s marriage to Badu following the birth of their son Seven. Badu recounted first hearing the smash song while recording her album Mama’s Gun in an interview with Rap Radar.

Q: How many children does Erykah Badu have by Andre 3000?

A: Seven Benjamin, their only child together, was born in 1997. The only kid of André 3000 is likewise named Seven. Puma Curry, Badu’s second kid, was born in 2004. Rapper The D.O.C., real name Tracy Curry, is the father of Puma.