How to know if someone unadded you on Snapchat

unadded Snapchat

Social media is made to let you know what your friends are doing, and it only holds your interest if you share their interests. Snapchat functions similarly to any other platform and displays all of the snaps other users have shared. Not everything visible to you on Twitter is also visible to everyone else, just like Facebook posts and tweets. So, if you and someone else are no longer friends, it’s possible that you won’t see their private photographs.

But how can you tell if someone deleted your Snapchat profile? When you are removed, does the app notify you? Can you still access their Snapchat posts? In this piece, we’ll describe how that works.

When someone unfriends or unadded you on Snapchat, are you notified?

No. Other than when your friends give you snaps or submit stories that include you, Snapchat doesn’t notify you when they do so. You won’t receive notifications if someone unfriends you, so you won’t know when or who unfriended you. Even if they remove you from their list, you might still be able to view them on Snapchat or talk with them (depending on their privacy settings).

In this article, we’ll provide some tips on how to manually search within the programme to see if someone has unadded you on Snapchat.

How can you tell if someone has deleted you from Snapchat?

Here are some methods to see if someone has removed you from Snapchat. You can utilise these techniques on iOS and Android smartphones because they ought to operate regardless of the device you use for Snapchat.

Method #1: Verify that your friend is on your friend list.

Checking to verify if someone is still on your friend list on Snapchat may be the quickest way to determine if they have unfriended you. First, open the Snapchat app and tap on your profile image or Story in the top left corner to check if you are still friends with someone.

Once your profile has loaded, scroll down and click My Friends under “Friends.”

This will bring up the My Buddies screen, where you should be able to see a list of the Snapchat friends you have. You can navigate this list or use the “Find Friends” search box at the top to look up a person by name or username.

If you type someone’s name and get “No Results,” they might have blocked you on Snapchat.

Method #2: Check if a Snap you sent shows as pending

On Snapchat, even if someone unfriends you or removes you from their friend list, you can still see them. So,

They might still be accessible via text, snap, or addback. However, your snaps and messages won’t appear in their chats unless they add you back again.

When you send a text or snap to a Snapchat user who has been unfriended (and whose privacy settings are set to “Friends only”), the message will appear as pending as long as you aren’t added back to their friend list. In certain circumstances, you can see if you are classified as their friend by looking at how your message or snap appears in the chats.

Open the Snapchat app on your phone and select the Chat tab from the bottom bar.

Depending on how you’ve communicated with a user in the past, you’ll see different chat screen icons under their name inside the chat screen. These chat icons will let you know if you sent the most recent message to that person and whether or not they read it.

The presence of a grey arrow icon next to a person’s name in this chat list, together with the label “Pending,” means that they haven’t seen any of your messages or snaps since you are not on their friend list or have been deleted.

Your last text will appear behind a banner that says, “Your chats will be pending till user’s name> adds you as a friend” if you tap on it to access this chat.

You should be aware if you have been unfriended if the status of any chat on Snapchat’s screen reads “Pending.”

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Method #3: Check your friend’s Snap Score

Verify if their snap score is accessible from your account to see if you’ve been taken from someone’s Snapchat friend list. A person’s Snap score, which is a number based on how many snaps they’ve sent and received, Stories they’ve shared, and other characteristics, can be used to assess how frequently they use Snapchat.

Only after adding someone as a friend on Snapchat and having them add you back will you be able to check that person’s Snap score. Snapchat users may view their Snap scores right inside their profile, so if you cannot do so, you are either not on their friend list or may have been removed.

Open the Snapchat app on your phone, then hit the Search symbol in the top left corner to view someone’s Snap score.

Enter your friend’s name in the Search box at the top of the search screen.

Tap on their account photo when their profile displays.

When you open this person’s page, you will see their snap rating beneath their profile photo if they have you on their friend list. If you’re friends with them on Snapchat, you might also be able to send them a snap, text, or make an audio/video call from this screen.

If they don’t have you on their friend list, you won’t be able to contact them or check their Snap score inside of their profile. In such circumstances, their profile will be like the one below.


The above actions should be followed if you suspect someone has deleted you from Snapchat and want to confirm it. They can assist you in determining whether a person is still your friend or whether they have unfriended you.


Do you receive Snapchat friend notifications?

When someone adds you as a friend, sends you a snap, or interacts with you in any other way, Snapchat notifies you. But you won’t get any notifications when someone removes or blocks you. Likewise, you won’t receive notifications regarding Snapchat users who have unfriended or blocked you.

Snapchat Notifcation

Can someone who removes me from their Snapchat friend list still access my saved messages?

No, a person cannot see your saved messages after removing you from their buddy list. However, your saved communications with them are still visible in the chat box. This is so that even if your chat is immediately deleted from someone’s chat list when they remove you from their friend list, you may still view those saved messages as long as they are still on your friend list.

Can I still view someone’s Story on Snapchat after they remove me from their friend list?

It depends on how private their account is. If they unfriend you from their list, you won’t be able to watch their tale because their account is private, and only their “friends” can see it. However, if their account is public and their tales are open to the public, you can read their stories because you follow them in the “Subscription” area of your story tab.

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