How to find lost AirPods that are offline

Lost Airpods

If you are the proud owner of AirPods, you are well aware of how incredible they are and how complex and difficult it can be to locate them, particularly if they are not in the case. But it’s important not to worry.

In this article, we will concentrate on locating misplaced AirPods that aren’t charging. As a result, you will be better prepared the following time you lose your AirPods.

To get the most out of this post and discover how to find misplaced AirPods offline, feel free to come to the area that most interests you or read through each section independently.

Are you prepared now? Let’s get going.

What Does “Offline” or “No Location Found” Mean for AirPods?

Although wireless earphones are convenient, it is much simpler to misplace them. You could be missing just one earpiece, both earpieces, both earpieces in the case, just the case, or any other potential combination of these three when it comes to losing AirPods.

Finding your AirPods is much easier when connected to the internet, but finding them when disconnected is more difficult.

We need to make sure you understand what “offline” and “no location discovered” mean before moving on to the next part, which will discuss locating misplaced AirPods offline.

If AirPods are outside the range of the device they are attached to, they may appear offline (either in a case or out of it). Furthermore, if their batteries run out, they may be considered offline.

Your device will display the message “No location discovered” if it cannot find your AirPods.

Now that we have that in mind let’s move on to the section where we will discuss how to locate missing AirPods that are not in use.

How To Recover or find Offline Lost AirPods

The ways to locate misplaced AirPods that are offline are all covered in this section. Each approach calls for specific tools, such as an internet connection, an Apple smartphone used with AirPods, a computer, and a specific app or piece of software. The actual number of each will depend on the method.

Additionally, keep in mind that Apple has only made locating earpieces feasible as of right now (2022). This implies that you can only find your AirPods case if the earpieces are inside. At this point, it is impossible to find the case on your own.

Use of the “Find My” App

One of the best ways to find your AirPods is to use the “Find My” app. Of course, this method works best while your AirPods are connected, but fortunately, it also functions when they aren’t.


Using the “Find My” App on an iPad or iPhone.

You’ll need an iPhone or iPad to open the app and use this approach. The straightforward steps to use the Find My app on your iPhone are as follows:

  • Get the Find My app open.
  • From the list of connected devices, tap the AirPods.
  • Since AirPods aren’t connected in this situation, they will display a grey dot. Despite this, the app will still be able to detect the last known location of your AirPods on a map.
  • After that, you can tap on the automobile symbol or button to use the navigation to get there.

You can see that the processes are relatively easy; however, if someone were to steal your Pods after they went offline, their last known location would no longer be accurate. This is another justification for always trying to keep your AirPods connected and at least somewhat charged.

Utilizing the “Find My” App on a Computer (via iCloud)

The Find My app is also accessible on a computer. The following steps:

  • Launch a web browser.
  • Log in to with your Apple ID and password.
  • You may occasionally be required to input a verification code provided to your device (iPhone). Make sure to enter the right code if that is the case.
  • Look for the Find iPhone option once you’re in the iCloud menu. Tap on it when you find it. Just click once, then wait for it to open (it can take a couple of seconds).
  • A new popup asking for your Apple ID and password will likely appear. When you do this, a map will appear.
  • At the top of the page, select the “All Devices” option.
  • Choose the AirPods you want from the lists.

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What if my missing AirPods are dead or located in a different location?

The Find My app will allow you to locate each earpiece of your misplaced AirPods one at a time. The other one will appear on the map once you find the first one displayed on it and place it in the case.

The steps are the same as before. You would be able to determine their last known location even if the battery is dead, which should be sufficient if nobody else moved them since they went offline.

My AirPods are completely missing. Now what?

We must firstly offer our sympathy. We are aware of how unfortunate it is to misplace our expensive equipment.

It’s probably time to think about purchasing a replacement if you have tried all the ways mentioned above and still can’t find your AirPods after considering it and searching.

Fortunately, Apple provides a special replacement programme via which you can purchase individual pieces (the casing, the L earpiece, or the R earpiece) for a fair price.

Therefore, to keep using your AirPods, you must purchase the replacement parts from Apple’s official online shop or local store.

How to Replace a Missing AirPod or Case

You have two options if you lose all of your AirPods’ components, as described in the previous section: either you can buy new ones or look into Apple’s fee-replacement programme.

Remember that while the costs are high, they are still less than purchasing new AirPods. Visit an Apple shop near you or the company’s official website to learn more about the most recent prices. Additionally, you can purchase new parts offline or online.



In short, Apple’s Find My app tracks your AirPods and stores the last known location of your device. Therefore, if you placed your AirPod in a location you can’t recall, utilize the Find My programme to locate it.

You may also choose Find iPhone on the iCloud website if you don’t want to use your phone. Your smartphone will be located point in Apple maps.

We appreciate your careful perusal of this material. We are sure you now understand how to locate your missing offline AirPods. Furthermore, we’ve spoken about how to solve this issue permanently. If you like that approach, use it. Happy day.

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  • Can I use the serial number on my AirPods to trace them?

No. Use of the Find My app is now the only practical way to find lost AirPods. You may accomplish this on your iPhone, iPad, or computer by accessing the iCloud website.

  • Why don’t my AirPods appear on the “Find My” device?

The most likely cause is that you didn’t correctly connect them to your new device during activation.

  • Is AirPods GPS-enabled?

No, the AirPods lack GPS.

  • Why doesn’t my device have a “Find My” app?

The app might not be on your smartphone for a variety of reasons. However, you may download the app from the Apple Store with ease.