How to Check My Bvn Name and Date of Birth Online

The BVN stands for “Bank Verification Number,” therefore, how can you check BVN details online? The BVN system was created to curtail and end criminal activity and banking transactions. Please read the post to learn more about How To Check my BVN name, date of birth, and other details.

Bank Verification Number – BVN 

How to check my bvn name and date of birth online

The Central Bank of Nigeria uses the Bank Verification Number, or BVN for short, as a biometric identification mechanism to curtail or stop illegal financial activity there. [1] According to the 1958 Central Bank of Nigeria Act, it is a modern security system created to combat financial fraud.

The method works by taking a picture of the client’s face and fingerprints. The BVN, or Financial Verification Number, is an 11-digit number specific to each individual while being the same for that individual across all banking institutions. You need a bank verification number to open and maintain a bank account in Nigeria.

You are given a BVN when you open your first bank account. This BVN will continue to be used to open a bank account in Nigeria. However, thanks to technological developments, you may easily check your BVN by dialling a USSD code or asking your bank for it.

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What is the BVN check code?

How to check my bvn name and date of birth online

How To Check BVN Details Online – A mobile phone can check a BVN Code with only one easy step. There is no requirement for Internet access to check the number. On any SIM, check your BVN number.

You can verify your Bank Verification Number (BVN) if you’re an Airtel, MTNL, GLO, or ETISALAT user by dialling *565*0#. The bank will charge N20 for the verification. If you are a GTB subscriber, you can check your BVN number by dialling *737*6*1#.

Do you know how to check BVN details online? In that case, we can show you how to check your BVN details online.

What is BVN’s number count?

The BVN has eleven digits. It serves as a common ID across all banks in Nigeria. Filling out the NIMC form and other required paperwork in Nigeria depend on it.

Find out How To Check BVN Details Online after learning a little about BVN numbers.

How can I verify a BVN number?

How to Check BVN Details Online – Internet Banking can be used to check the BVN Code number online. First, log in to the Internet Banking app; the top page will display your Code.

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How can I check the name and birthdate on my BVN online?

Let’s check the BVN name and date of birth online now that we have looked at How To Check BVN Details Online.

How to verify my BVN identity and birthdate online: How Can I Online Check My BVN Details Online?

Let’s look down the below points to check How To Check my BVN name and date of birth?

  1. From the registered mobile number, dial *565*0#.
  2. Write down the BVN number.
  3. Take the Code.
  4. Go to the neighbourhood bank office.


Each person in the Nigerian banking sector is uniquely identified by their 11-digit Bank Verification Number (BVN). You can conduct transactions safely at any Point of Banking activities in Nigeria thanks to the BVN. In the above post, hopefully, you will have an idea about How check my BVN name and date of birth. 

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How can you look up your BVN number?

Dial the Code *565*0# on any network you use, including MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, or Airtel, to check your BVN number.

What Code should I use to check my BVN?

*565*0# is the Code to use to check your BVN.

How can I check my date of birth with my BVN?

While it is not possible to check your BVN date of birth online, you can copy it by dialling the Code *565*0# from the cell number you used to register. Then, visit any of the Nigerian Bank branches by copying the Code.

How can I online check my BVN details?

Only your BVN number may be examined, but you can check BVN details by copying your BVN number by calling *565*0# from the mobile phone you used to register. Then, visit any of the Nigerian Bank branches by copying the Code.

How To Check my BVN Name and Date of birth Online?

The procedure is not available online. However, you can check your BVN name and date of birth by phoning the Code *565*0# with the mobile number you used to register, which will allow you to copy your BVN number. To check your BVN name and date of birth, copy the Code and go to any bank branch.

How do I update my BVN name, birthdate, number, and other information online?

You cannot complete this process online; instead, you must visit a court of competent jurisdiction with a valid ID card and get an affidavit to modify your BVN name, date of birth, number, and other information. After that, you can pay a token to publish the ad in a national daily or newspaper, then buy the publication and proceed to the bank, where you will be handed a form to change your BVN and, if necessary, your customer information.

How can BVN be checked on Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9Mobile?

You don’t need an internet connection to check your bank verification if your BVN was generated using your current mobile number by dialling *565*0#.

When I check my BVN on my phone, how much money is taken away?

Once it is successful, checking your BVN number on your phone will cost you 22 naira.